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Kona Extra Fancy

At Tom Sawyer Country Coffee, we take pride in supporting family owned coffee farms. One such farm is found in Kona, Hawaii. A third generation coffee farm, Makapueo Farms grows organic coffee that creates the smoothest cup of Kona you will ever try. 

Watch the video to hear more about a farm where Tom Sawyer sources our coffee beans!

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Shipping Savings

Shipping can get expensive. Tom Sawyer wants you to get the most bang for your buck, click here to see our shipping package! 

Single Pour-Over Variety Pack

Have you ever tried Tom's Variety Pack? No?! Come in and get the perfect single cup pour over packet for you summer excursions. It makes a great cup of coffee without the hassle and clean up of regular brew methods. Click here to order now!

An Angel's Kiss for Valentine's Day

Get your honey the gift of coffee with the oh so delicious Angel's Kiss. A blend of chocolate, coconut and almond, it's sure to be a hit! Click here to get yours today!

About Us

We know that coffee has the power.....

The power to inspire, bring people together, create warmth, energize, motivate, and start each day afresh. Come on in and try a Bali Blue Moon organic pour over, a vitamin packed cholaca mocha, or an all-natural chai latte hailing from Australia. Come watch coffee being roasted and enjoy a more personal and totally free coffee experience. Every cup is backed by an unwavering commitment to our customers. We take our coffee drinking seriously and we hope you savor each cup of Tom Sawyer Country Coffee as passionately as we do!

Click here to read more about the roasting process at Tom Sawyer!

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Better yet, see us in person!

We cordially invite you to visit our roastery to taste our coffees and talk with Tom Sawyer (yes, that's his real name)!

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