Black and Tan Coffee
Roast: 50% Medium, 50% French Flavor Profile: Cacao nibs, cream caramel, macadamia nut.
Brazil Coffee
Roast: Medium Flavor Profile: Smooth with a sweet finish, this varietal is sure to please any coffee lover.
Caramel Pecan Coffee
Roast: Medium-Dark Flavor Profile: Caramel, pecan, rum and vanilla.
Toddy Coffee
This specific type of coffee is made for making cold brew coffee.  
Tom's Favorite Coffee
Roast: Medium Flavor Profile: Cocoa powder, milk chocolate, maple.
Water Processed Decaf Coffee
Roast: Medium Flavor Profile: Fresh bread, cream, honey, vanilla.
White Coffee
Roasted about half the time as normal coffee, it is nutty in both smell and taste, pairing well with any flavors added.
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